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friendsI am a Senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou), pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Social Studies Education. I am also trying for a second Bachelor’s in Political Science; a minor in History; and a certificate in Multicultural Education.

Since I enrolled at Mizzou, I have surrounded myself with other progressive people, learning about progressive politics, radical justice, and social inequalities on our campus and around the world. So many wonderful people have come into my life and taught me so much.

My particular interests are modern social history and politics, which I would love to teach a class on when I am employed. I spend a lot of my time making powerpoints presentations I will never give, mostly about research topics that interest me. These blog posts give me a reason to dig a little more into topics that interest me and learn more about them. I have certainly learned a lot since starting this blog, and I hope our readers will too.


I am a Senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia, pursuing my Bachelors degree in Political Science. I am also a pre-law student, working towards attending law school after completing my undergraduate studies.

Duringjjuur7f0 my time at Mizzou, I have worked in several different political capacities. I have interned for State Representatives, both during elections and during the legislative session. I helped create the College Democrats of Missouri, a statewide organization focusing on representing the interests of all college students. I have also worked on several campaigns, ranging from campus wide to state wide.

I enjoy discussing politics, watching my Kansas City Royals, and using my place in the patriarchy to voice the concerns of marginalized groups.



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